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Nous sommes dans la période électorale.

J’apprends que les cartes créées en France par la SAGEM sont venues, classées par ordre alphabétique (in alphabetical order) .

C’est une bonne chose, me direz-vous ! Ben non ! (well, no !) Il y a un gros problème, c’est que les cartes sur le terrain ( on the spot)  ne sont pas distribuées sur une base alphabétique mais sur une base géographique.

Conséquence : les agents de la CEI seront obligés d’ouvrir les paquets, de les reclasser par zones avant de les envoyer. C’est d’ailleurs, selon certaines sources ce qui a causé le retard (delay) dans le début de l’opération.

Le risque : Imaginez que dans la précipitation (in a rush), des agents se trompent (mistake) et envoient à Korhogo des cartes destinées à des personnes de Lakota. Vous savez, on peut penser que des personnes pressées par les délais (deadlines) se

mettent à classer les cartes AT RANDOM (au hasard).

D’ailleurs (By the way dans ce contexte seulement), on a dit à mon petit frère (junior brother) qu’on ne retrouvait pas sa carte. Le pauvre, sa carte doit être en ce moment à GLAREU (un village de l’ouest de la côte d’Ivoire).







J’ai retrouvé en ligne, une de mes amies que j’avais perdu de vue depuis longtemps (for a long time).

Et comment ?

Eh bien, ce fut grâce à (thanks to) Facebook. C’était la première fois que je comprenais la valeur de Facebook.

Imaginez (just imagine), les amis que vous n’avez pas vu depuis longtemps, qui ont changé de quartier (area) de telle sorte que vous ne savez même plus comment les retrouver. (You even don’t know how to see them again)

Et en deux ou trois gestes, vous tombez sur (come across) le vieil ami.

Pour exprimer ma joie de la revoir en ligne, j’aurais pu dire en anglais,

Hey, Long Time No See !

Eh, ça fait vieux !

Nota : cette expression n’est pas grammaticalement correcte. On estime que c’est une traduction du chinois. Mais dans  les conversations et les chats tout le monde dit : Long Time no see !




DROGBA'S LEADERSHIP (following part)



He is unknown to his country. BUT the history course will drastically turn over when the chairman of the Ivorian Football Federation makes up his mind to invite the international players to take part in the African Cup of Nations. Then all the TV programs and street gossip mentioned the name of Didier Drogba. Who's that guy? Nobody knew.


Later on, we discovered from the TV broadcasts and from the national and international newspapers that the name Didier Drogba referred to a successful player in Europe, and that... he was an ivorian boy. Though his name sounded ivorian, it still seemed uncommon to us, because his glory had re-flavoured it. We started to love Him.


His accomplishments in Chelsea (his Club), focused all the attention of the country despite the pain we were enduring. We all became chelsea's fans and did not miss any of his matches. All the country was united behind a single man. We found that some other Ivorian players were even better than him. BUT he moved Us anyway! Period.


Even the political leaders were charmed by the personality of that boy. When he entered the national team, our football dream team, he took leadership over his peers. Altogether they achieved challenges that our national team had never reached before. We virtually went from victories to victories, however still suffering in our flesh.


Leadership makes things possible. When we saw all what the team was doing, we understood and even more, we strongly believed that good was possible. We believed that success was possible. We believed that victory was possible. And it was notable that our National Didier Drogba and the team he led as its captain, was achieving all this glorious success during a period of crisis.


What were the outcomes of that situation? Didier gave us an alternative. By contrasting sorrow with joy, by contrasting desperation with Hope he gave us an option. We were already fed up with sorrow and desperation to delight in resignation. So we dared to take a step forward toward joy and Hope.

And we did it.


Drogba did even more. When he was chosen as Best African Player by the Confederation of African Football, he solemnly declared that he wished to present the cup to the population of Bouake, capital of the rebel's zone. Incredible! We were stunned ! Let me tell you something. Mentally that land of Bouake was not a place to be, nor a place to go. We were 'configured' to see that place as a place of affliction and terror. In some words, there was a physical but also a mental barrier between North and South.


He promised it and he did it. The population of Bouake welcomed Him with intense jubilation. No Kidding! They loved him as we loved him, we knew it but we did not realize it until we see it on TV. When we saw that scene, that human face beyond the barrier-since TV scarcely showcased that aspect of thing due to lack of pictures - all the country understood that actually we were a single country, more, a single NATION. We were moved to tears. Again, Drogba had initiated a new Path towards peace.


Drogba the striker had scored another Goal.


Thank God! Drogba's the best. Leadership Works.

Very soon, we'll be out of that political situation and Drogba will be worth the pride of having added a stone to the building.


Good read!