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I have realized that Leadership works. Leadership is powerful to change lives; leadership is powerful to change circumstances.


How did my Country take the harsh path of peace? - Leadership

How did the population believe in a better tomorrow after long years of pain? - Leadership

What focused the international attention on a possible peace in our Country? -Leadership


In the midst of murders, pain and tears, where families were torn away, dad slaughtered and mother raped before her kids’ very eyes, there was no hope for a singing tomorrow. My country was divided into two separate parts by a horizontal line. Up side was the base camp of the rebellion. And down side, the headquarter of the regular authorities.


No peaceful solution in the offing. The reconciliation process was one step forward, two steps backward. In our eyes, the process seemed to be doomed. Sicknesses, joblessness, scandals, crimes, robberies, our country was becoming an aggregate of woe and sorrow.


The international media were no longer talking about Ivory Coast as the first Cocoa producer, third coffee producer, major rubber, cashew, palm oil, etc. producer. It had just become a land of affliction




an unknown African Leader was growing on another continent. The Ivorian football player Didier Drogba. Shaken on every side, he was morally and mentally pressed to accept to become a leader in his team. He did not understand yet the price of his responsibilities in his team and how he could become the one who would make the difference.


Leadership is an exercise. Didier Drogba built up his mind all through his different european clubs. He took responsibilities, he built a vision, he becomes an example of hard work, success, commitment and determination. He becomes an icon for his qualities and his value. He made the day of the club's owners, executives and obviously, aficionados.


To be continued



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